Point Loma Nazarene University is proud to offer BTSA Participating Teachers and Support Providers the opportunity to earn 3 - 6 graduate units upon completion of your district's induction program. A reduced fee of $75.00 / unit is provided for this graduate credit.


Registration must occur 3 units at a time.  If you have evidence of completion of 2 years of BTSA, and therefore have earned 6 units of credit, you will register twice for 3 units each.

You can register for BTSA credits online.  Please select the PLNU Regional Center closest to your home - either Bakersfield or Mission Valley.

Program Completion

At the completion of your induction program, or the completion of each year, email the following documents to the contact below at the same PLNU Regional Center you selected during online registration:

Bakersfield San Diego - Mission Valley
Dawn Silberberg Marie Keller
dawnsilberberg@pointloma.edu mariekeller@pointloma.edu
(661) 321-3481 (619) 563-2818


Required Documents for BTSA Graduate Credit

Participating Teachers:

  • Now, to get credit for those units, all you have to do is write a reflective paper, no more than 1.5-2 pages, depicting what goals you had for yourself in your Individual Learning Plan, and what student achievement data you saw as a result.
    • The goals need to be from your ILP which are based on the CSTPs, the standards for the teaching profession.​
  • Choose 2 or three of those standards and elements as your goals, for example: 
    • Standard 1.3, Standard 3.4, and Standard 5.2. 
    • For each standard, say what you did in your teaching practice as a teaching goal in that standard area, and then offer student data results to show the result of your work in that area.
  • Please do not submit many documents as your evidence - you are summarizing the work of your BTSA experience into one document that depicts
    • 1) the goals you chose for your Individual Learning Plan based on the CSTP, and
    • 2) what student achievement resulted by focusing on each of those goals.
  • Your submission will be sent back to you if you do not include both of the criteria listed above.
  • Also attach your Certificate of Completion, signed by Induction Director, verifying successful completion of each year of BTSA/Induction Participation.

required document example

Support Providers:

  • Certificate of Completion, signed by Induction Director, verifying successful support of beginning teachers for each year you are seeking credit;
  • Reflection Document that depicts the following things:
    • Your specific work with at least one beginning teacher: what were the IIP goals? What support strategies were the most effective?
    • A description of how students achieved as a result of your beginning teacher’s goal area, and
    • Your next steps as an educator and your future goal areas as a support provider.

Note:  Documents must include your name, district, date, and specify BTSA Year 1 or Year 2.  Handwritten documents will not be accepted.

Please note, if you are applying to the MATL program you will NOT register for your BTSA units this way, but will do so within your program when your register for all your other courses.

Note: A signed official transcript request form must be submitted before transcripts can be sent

Note: Six BTSA units can be applied to a 36 unit Master's Degree, with six additional units applied from a recently completed, WASC accredited credential program.