Master of Arts in Special Education

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Bella Owen
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Chelsea Barilli
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You don’t work in special education because it’s easy; you do it because it matters. You want to be an educator who makes a difference in your students’ lives. That’s what we want, too.

At PLNU, we are here for the same reasons you are: we truly believe in the power of education, and we care deeply about individuals—including you. Like you, we believe that every student, no matter their challenges or special needs, has value and promise. We believe that the right teacher can make every student’s life better.

When you join PLNU’s Master of Arts in Special Education program, you will challenge yourself to be more effective in serving students with special needs. Everyone you encounter here will share that goal with you, from your admissions counselor to your professors. Rest assured, PLNU’s School of Education will take a personal interest in you and care about your concerns, experience, beliefs, and goals.  

Relevant Topics

District partnerships ensure our curriculum addresses current needs and topics facing educators, and our added authorizations increase depth in areas important to you. As a Christian institution, PLNU equips you for the spiritual, emotional, and personal benefits and challenges of special education practice.

Customizable and Convenient

Choose from multiple locations, full- or part-time schedules, and face-to-face, online, and hybrid course options. Benefit from specializations offered through added authorizations with even more options pending.

Lasting Network of Support

PLNU’s education alumni network, Education Associates, keeps you connected long after graduation. Faculty have a reputation for staying in touch and continuing to mentor students. Career counseling and additional professional development opportunities are always available to you.

Program Overview

Master of Special Education

Have a greater impact by earning your Master of Arts in Special Education. Gain the skills and degree you need to better serve your students in an environment where your goals, faith, and passion are shared and valued. At PLNU, we are here to partner with you and to give you the kind of holistic care you know every student deserves. 

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Brie Medina

Brie Medina
Student | Master of Arts in Special Education

Going through this program as part of a team makes all the difference in the world of special education. One cannot accomplish success in isolation; it takes collaboration, trust, and endurance to support the passion of helping students with special needs.


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